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  Key personnel within Phase Coherence have extensive experience in developing and testing complete systems. Development entails mathematical analysis, optical design and fabrication, specialized computer simulations of physical processes, and novel signal processing. Some projects are applications of remote sensing for varied military, and commercial needs including
  • signals exploitation
  • remote microsensors
  • remote seismology
  • optical communication
  • antisubmarine warfare
  • sensing turbulence in fluids

Some of the lidar techniques used are described in this paper, coauthored by some members of Phase Coherence and presented at the 12th Coherent Laser Radar Conference (2003): Multiple-pulse coherent laser radar.

Further work in this area was presented at the 18th Coherent Laser Radar Conference (2016): Remote Acoustic Detection Using a Coherent Laser Radar.

Range gating and acoustic beamforming was added to this lidar and used to detect acoustic signals of a Bell 205 helicopter. These results were presented at the RAD-LIDAR Conference (2018): Acoustic Detection Using a Range-gated Lidar.

Remote Sensing in the Atmosphere

Phase Coherence has created a lidar system for signals exploitation in the atmosphere. This multi-laser, multi-detector system had a complex optical train and an array of single board computers dedicated to the sensor data processing. Members of the group created a novel algorithm for signal extraction, as well as a high resolution laser radar system. Some of the system's features include:

  • high-speed infrared detectors
  • real-time signal processing
  • quantum-limited, optical heterodyne detection
  • mobile system field tested at several sites

An ocean lidar system was developed by our group for measuring underwater turbulence. This pulsed laser system was successfully tested from a pier on San Clemente Island, California. Some system features include:

  • single-frequency, pulsed lasers
  • multi-channel optical receiver
  • high speed data acquisition and processing
  • remote computer control

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